When I'm not making images I'm woodturning bowls, lidded boxes, candle and flower holders, etc.  Check out the woodturning photos

Lindsay Freese is a 'Mixed Media Graphic Artist.' His tasteful photography is often enhanced via post-processing skills. He feels that adding to images rises to an 'art form.' A photographer for nearly 50-years Lindsay left 35mm film imaging behind for the increased options that are offered via digital cameras and post-processing software. Fine Art America offers further enhancement inviting the art enthusiast many choices regarding their preferred printing media, display type, and reasonable cost. 

In addition to photography and post-processing art, Lindsay is an accomplished wood-turner and when showing his art makes both available to the buyer. Flowers, a favorite subject for Mr. Freese's photography, prompts him to create wood vases, root-pots, kaizen (ikebana) displays at the lathe.

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Travel both near and far provide oppurtunity for collecting images.  At least one camera is always "on board.".

Close up studio shots for artists, eBay, documenting valuables, doll house furniture, jewelry.  Casual portraiture, graduation shots in nature and street settings.

fine art flowers

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Using the photograph as a pallet for further creation via advanced photo editing tools create fine art flower images

Lindsay Freese Photography

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